“Take heart young people! Christ is calling you and the world awaits you! Remember, the kingdom of God needs your generous and complete dedication.”

Pope St. John Paul II

Fundraise Your Way to 4P/1F Events

4P/1F teens claim their spot right in front of the stage at a Steubenville Conference 

Teens come home from Extreme Faith Camp, Steubenville, NCYC, or other youth events with a refreshed and energized spirit. God undeniably works in life-changing ways through these camps and conferences. That’s why we believe that every teen should get the opportunity to participate in youth ministry events.

To facilitate quality youth ministry events, it costs money for travel, lodging, programming, etc. Nevertheless, we never want a lack of funds to be the reason that a teen cannot participate. Fortunately, to lighten and ease this financial reality, groups within our Cluster (such as the Knights of Columbus and the CCW) have partnered with us to offer teens an opportunity to raise funds for camps/conferences that they attend. Additionally, we encourage and support parents who would like to create/lead a fundraiser for youth to raise funds to attend events.

How do these fundraisers work?

4P/1F middle school and high school youth may participate in fundraisers with the funds they earn being used toward the cost of the event/events they plan on attending.

The amount of money that a teen will earn per event and what sort of work/time is involved depends on the event itself. Refer to the “Fundraising Opportunities” for information on specific fundraising opportunities.

Father Samuel with teens at High School Discipleship Weekend

Teens work together during a team-building challenge at Extreme Faith Camp

What is a “Parent-Led Fundraiser”?

Parent-led fundraisers offer teens another chance to fundraise, while giving parents an opportunity to connect with other parents within the community. These fundraisers run in conjunction with the Religious Education department and share in the mission of the church to afford every teen an equal opportunity to participate.

Once a parent-led fundraising proposal is approved, the Religious Education Department will support the leaders of the fundraiser by:

  • Encouraging teens to participate
  • Disseminating promotional materials (flyers, Instagram posts, etc.)
  • Offering guidance and encouragement

Adults leading the fundraiser are expected to:

  • Lead the fundraiser within the mission of our Cluster
  • Abide by the Cluster Money Management Guidelines (which can be found under the “fundraising information” tab)
  • Plan, create advertising, and facilitate the fundraiser
  • Maintain regular communication with the Rel Ed office throughout the entire planning and implementing of the fundraiser

Teens prepare to throw snowballs at High School Discipleship Weekend

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, submit this Parent-Led Fundraiser Plan Proposal. Once completed, the Religious Education department will review the proposal and get back to you within one week with more information.