Guest Speaker Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Come and watch Fr. Leo Patalinghug create a delicious dessert we will enjoy while he captivates us with two dynamic talks: Saints in the Making & Spiritual Combat.

Wednesday, January 17 , 2018 6:15pm – 7:45pm

St. Joseph School Gym Rice Lake, WI

Saints in the Making: (AKA Holiness for You Today) Fr Leo teaches how each of us are called to be saints, as works in progress, just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” God calls each and every person to a life of holiness. But instead of the false sense we sometimes have of saints, Fr Leo explains the real meaning of sanctity: friendship with God. Saints aren’t wimps at all; they are warriors for Christ and the Church through faithful prayer and real love, to which we are challenged to witness. Living the Good News out in our daily lives requires strength, courage and faith, which we receive from the Holy Spirit, our ultimate coach and helper. As all things are with God, being holy is possible: we are saints in the making and sinners in the unmaking!

Spiritual Combat: Using his background in Martial Arts, Fr Leo is able to draw upon the techniques of hand to hand combat and make helpful parallels to the spiritual life. This fun and engaging presentation has become one of the most popular topics for people of all ages, but especially for youth and young adults who seek some spiritual guidance in this world that can oftentimes be dangerous to a healthy and balanced spiritual life. Fr Leo will be teaching about entering into the Spiritual warfare, disciplined discipleship, learning how to pray from “The Master,” the ABC&D’s of Spiritual combat, and the first four moves of martial arts and prayer.